Monday, November 18, 2013

Its always in the last place you look

"Why is it that when you lose something it is always in the last place that you look for it?
  Because of course, once you remember you always stop looking." (216)

Grief is a reminder of what we lost in life but it can also help us find something we did not even know needed to be found. Catherine, in the grief of her friend and mentor, found inspiration to paint a combination of the previous paintings she had made of Princesse. In the grief of losing her father, the narrator of Caroline's Wedding was able to understand her mother better and respect her mother's traditions more. Grief is a two way street from the past to the future. Once a person is ready to move on, they will no longer be looking for the answers to the questions that come with grief. Who, what, and why something happened will no longer matter. In a way, the first moment you stop looking for the future and start living it, is the last time you think of grief.

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