Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Inheriting Loss

In the first half of Krik? Krak! loss is presented in many forms: loss of innocence, love, family members, hope, home, safety, and loss of life. In the section titled "Between the pool & the Gardenias" all of these stories of loss become connected as Marie reveals that other female characters including Eveline, Defile, and Lili (94) were her ancestors. Their shared history of loss seems to have an impact on the travel or life journey of each of these women. In our discussion of the poem "In knowledge of young boys" we explored the idea of travel through generations, from year to year through a family, and I must wonder: in what ways does the past control or affect the characters in Krik? Krak! and in other texts we have studies (i.e. They who do not grieve)? More broadly: can we ever fully escape the context or the narrative into which we are born?

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