Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Peace and Justice-Jesuit and worldly values

One main theme that both Martin Luther King Jr. and Father Kolvenbach both had in their scholarly writing was the message of peace and justice in an unjust and sometimes cruel world. Martin Luther King Jr. traveled on the road to justice with the Gospel. He related himself to one of the Apostle', St. Paul, who brought the Gospel and the Word of God with him wherever he went so that he could spread, the Good News. In a sense, Martin Luther King Jr. was doing just that, spreading the good news of justice and peace. He was telling everyone around him how good the world could be if we would just put down all our prior judgments and see the beauty each one of us has in our souls. He traveled with this message in mind so that if enough people heard it and agreed with it, that they would make a change for the better too. It's pretty amazing how Martin Luther King Jr. was in a jail cell when he wrote this letter but the powerful meaning of the words traveled all over the country. His words have traveled to the modern day and stick with us constantly, acting as a reminder to keep the world just and peaceful. Jesuits have always done a great job of connecting faith and justice into such common language that the everyday person can understand their message. Jesuits just have a way of talking to us, that is so natural and there's something unique about it that makes us instantly connect to their words. Over the past centuries, Jesuits have put themselves in harms way to bring the Word of God and the saving power of Jesus to those who most need it. I think Jesuits are much different than other missionaries who force a new religion upon a native group, I believe Jesuits bring religion to an indigenous group of people in a way that still flows well with their community and way of life. Jesuits wanted to spread the love of God and the necessity of peace and justice for all. Father Kolvenbach expressed this way of life for the Jesuits very well in his writing. Jesuits go all over the world and adapt to each community that they are in so that they can best support a community with faith, justice, and love.

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